The Research

There is a lot of doubt when it comes to the events at the time of the Afghan communist regime. There are different readings, which seem to contradict each other quite a bit. On the one hand there is a judicial document in the form of an official notice, on the other hand there are studies of renowned organizations such as UNHCR and Amnesty. Especially when it concerns the functioning of the governmental organisations KhaD / WAD the opinions differ. How can it be that different parties, considerable names by any means, arrive at such different conclusions? We are studying: what did people actually really experience in this period? We are searching for the truth.

The study takes the shape of an interactive corpus of oral histories. Our interviewees include victims of the communist regime, (former) government employees and Dutch experts. It is important that every witness completely receives the space to tell their story. We record these stories on video or by exception, due to anonymity, on audio. In contrast to the dry, tedious documents of other organisations we think it is important to give a face to the witnesses. We show the story to the viewer, in all openness, nuances and emotions belonging to them. In addition, during the study we would like to keep on welcoming people who would like to make their statement.

We are of the opinion that there has never been any sophisticated study towards the events during the communist regime in Afghanistan. Our approach is not to execute a fully scientific study for the history of Afghanistan, but to give rise to the execution of such a scientific study.